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Thanks to the logistic know how, timely deliveries and efficient operations we have been placed in the best three among TOP 500 winning transport and logistics companies in Poland in 2005. The TOP 500 is an annual ranking published by the editor of "Truck & Business", which is based on the results of financial audits and operational performance assessment done by the leading Polish and English industry experts.

But what we value most is the projects which we manage and the satisfaction our Clients have following their implementation. The list of our key projects include among others:

• Complete logistic service for a Panamax vessel at export of over 54 thousand tones of rapeseed at the port of Gdynia. This was the first vessel of such type to have been loaded with rapeseed at the Polish ports.

• Transport and logistic service within the frame of the IFCO Program. The project was aimed to coordinate and supervise receipt of grains from farmers and settle all cost of such operations.

• As a company, we have also been the initiator and coordinator of the first intervention purchase of wheat done directly at a port elevator. Coordinating the intervention purchase project, we were responsible to ensure strict compliance with the Agricultural Market Agency (ARR) procedures and requirements, which included quality inspection and full logistic service.

• We were also handling logistic service for over 120 thousand tones of grains from duty free import. This project, which lasted only 2.5 months, involved standardization and customs service to every one of 200 transportation barges. The key challenge in the project was to deliver solution to allow for daily clearance and discharge of 5 to 6 barges, to ensure that 100% of the duty-free quota is serviced in time.

• Furthermore, together with port partner companies specialized in non-food commodity handling we have prepared and implemented solution for full transshipment and storage of such commodities to such destinations as: Huta, Starowka, Bulk Cargo in Szczecin and MTM in Gdynia. Thanks to the solution, our Clients were able to save on the port service costs, which is several cases allowed them to execute the contracts.

• We have gained particular experience in handling grains with the import of barley from Great Britain with the full door-to-door service. A key challenge in the project was the charter of vessels and ensuring highest quality standard of the handled commodity.

• One of our largest projects of the last years was the idea and engagement we have put into the startup of the modern handling and storage terminal in Swinoujscie. Our logistic and organizational solutions have been admitted and subsequently implemented in the design of the terminal, which were not used before in the Polish ports (including adaptation of the unique Quguar IT system to serve the terminal. This allowed to improve the fully integrated logistic process).